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5 Tips For A Safe And Enjoyable Holiday With Your Seniors.

The holiday season is definitely the most special time of the year. It is the time when families come together under one roof, cherish memories and traditions, and create new ones. It is the best time to show your love and care to your beloved ones, especially your senior relatives.

Every year mental health professionals detect a significant increase in depression and other psychological conditions, particularly among senior citizens during the Holiday season. About 2 million Americans over 65 suffer from some sort of depression that may worsen during significant periods such as the Holiday Season. These exacerbations may have a long-term negative effect on their mental and physical health.

However, with proper attention to home safety for the elderly, homecare support, and just some extra love and care for our seniors during the Holiday Season, we can easily make it safe and enjoyable for them.

Here are 5 tips for creating a festive mood and helping your elder relatives truly enjoy the upcoming holiday season.


Start with thorough planning.

Even if your beloved grandma was an adventurous soul back in the day, she may feel a bit hectic and confused in the swirl of the Holiday rush now!

With all the loud noises and music, flashy lights and colors, visitors and guests may overwhelm senior people if they come erratically and without a break. Even if you have only good intentions and sincerely want to make this Holiday season as merry and festive as possible, consider the fact that at some point, an older person can get overwhelmed with all this rush, especially if they normally lead a calm, measured lifestyle with a stable routine carefully worked out by their home care provider.

Make sure to plan the celebration carefully, consider the seniors` needs and help them take breaks, go to a quiet place where they can "take a breath", rest, and relax for a while.

Clean the house thoroughly beforehand.

While most of us think about what to get older parents for Christmas, it is essential to remember that their houses are probably already full of different stuff. Some of it is precious family heirlooms and memorabilia, but some are fairly just junk that has to go.

This clutter may not only create obstacles and trip-and-fall hazards for an older person in the house but also be a symptom of unhealthy emotional attachment to things, which is also a sign of a developing depressive mental condition.

De-cluttering before the Holidays is a great way to create a new family tradition, show your love and care, and also make the house safer for your parents and more welcoming for those who will want to pay a visit in the next few weeks.

Make sure to include them in the preparations.

Experts say that one of the main reasons seniors tend to feel depressed and anxious during the Holiday season is the fact that they feel useless and helpless while the whole family is working hard on the festive dinner and decorations.

It is essential to include your older relatives in the preparations and celebration ritual and let them know their help is needed and their opinion is valued in the family.

However, ensure that the task your parent is working on complies with their physical and mental condition. A person with poor eyesight, arthritis, or tremor should stay away from sharp objects or electric garlands. Ask them to sort the napkins, arrange table decorations or make decisions about the festive textile in the living room. That way you make them feel included and ensure their safety.


Stick to the routine

During the Holiday season, we sometimes have unexpected visitors and pleasant surprises. We become spontaneous ourselves and decide to pay a visit to an aunt who lives in a different state. That is what we love so much about holidays, and that is the joy we want to bring into our elders` lives during the Season.

However, it is essential to remember that routine is very important for our seniors` health and well-being. Make sure to correlate your festive plans with the doctors` recommendations and home care provider's schedule that your parent is used to. Keep an eye on the medicine and alcohol intake during the holidays as well as their diet.

Just spend time with your parents during the Holiday Season.

In fact, you don't really have to come up with some sophisticated celebration plans or surprise your elder relatives with creative presents to make them happy. Simply make sure to spend some quality time with your parents, help them bond with their grandchildren and enjoy each other's company.

Let them take you down their memory lane, visit the neighborhood where you grew up, go to the church or candle lighting ceremony as you used to do back in the day, gather the whole family in the living room, and watch your favorite classic Christmas specials together.

Every family is unique, and each has its Holiday traditions and cherished memories. Our elder relatives store those memories along with dusty photo albums and scrapbooks, and nothing will make them happier than a chance to share and pass them down through the generations.

Final thoughts

The holiday season is all about being thoughtful and expressing your love and appreciation toward the people you love. Your parents and grandparents managed to turn this time into a fairy tale for you when you were a child. Now it is your turn to do the same for them.

Keep your beloved older relatives and their needs in mind, and make sure they feel loved and appreciated during the upcoming season and all year round. Provide them with qualified and thorough home care, making their lives safe and joyful. That way, the whole family will bond and get the most out of the time you get to spend together.

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